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UFC on Fox Creates Controversy in Mousasi vs Henderson

01-26-2015, by JP Scarano, Exclusively for TheFightWorld.Com

If you missed this weekends fights on FOX then you missed out on some really good fights and some shocking endings that even this guy wasn’t expecting at all.

The UFC was in Stockholm, Sweden to determine who is the number one contender for the UFC World Light-Heavyweight Championship. It was hometown hero Alexander Gustafsson vs. Anthony Johnson. The co-main event  with Dan Henderson vs. Gegard Mousasi in a middleweight match-up was talked about just as much as the main event.

All the fights were impressive  and each one of these fighters was attempting to earn his way up the ranks and prolong his career in the UFC. A lot of people are talking about the Henderson vs. Mousasi fight because of a stoppage that may have been called way too soon.

In the first round of this co-main event Mousasi looked ready to take on Henderson. Henderson’s ground and pound style coupled with his power makes him a very dangerous opponent. Mousasi was throwing jabs and combos that were catching Henderson completely off guard. One of Mousasi’s jabs caused some bleeding around Henderson’s left eye. Mousasi, worried that Henderson’s eye was a cause for concern and looked over at the referee to check it out. The referee decided that the fight should continue. With that, Mousasi got Henderson with a great combo that caused Henderson to lose his balance and fall backward towards the cage. Mousasi continued to punch Henderson a few more times until the referee stepped in and stopped the fight. Henderson must have been unaware that the fight had been stopped. He continued  to move around and took Mousasi down but the referee was communicating to Henderson that the fight was over. This made Henderson mad and he said, “I was fully aware of what is going on” and added some other choice words that I can’t repeat here. From my point of view,  I thought the fight was called too early and I think Henderson was okay to keep fighting but the referee is the man to call it, not me.

In the main event, with the number one contender spot on the line along with a shot at the current UFC World Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, we had Alexander Gustafsson  taking on Anthony Johnson. Johnson has been a beast since becoming a full time Light-Heavyweight fighter. Everyone had Gustafsson as the favorite and doubted Johnson’s chances to win. But in this sport or any other you shouldn’t doubt anyone’s ability to win until the contest is over. That was certainly the case in this fight. Johnson is a big Light-Heavyweight who used to cut down to Welterweight (170) which was really hard for him to do. Since he stopped making that cut and has stayed at Light-Heavyweight, Johnson has been on a tear with 8 straight fights.

Gustafsson was looking to get another shot at the title and at being the man to take out current champion Jones and it looked like it would happen. Gustafsson looked like a man possessed after his last knock out win and appeared to be ready for anything in his hometown. When the bell sounded, Johnson caught Gustafsson off guard with a flurry of  combos and power shots. There was no answer from Gustafsson for Johnson’s power at all. When they went on the ground, Gustafsson was trying to get up and move but Johnson was really manhandling him and wouldn’t let him up. Johnson kept the pressure on and the referee called the fight in the first round.

I felt really bad for Gustafsson  who is a very emotional fighter.  Gustafsson started crying and Johnson felt bad for him and got a bit emotional, as well. With this win it’s Johnson’s time to get a title shot and it is already being talked about happening later on this year. It may take place this summer, but we will see about that.

What do you fans think of this weekends fights ?

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