Sunday, July 12th, 2020
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UFC Fight Week UFC 175 and TUF 19

This past week the international expo and two UFC fight cards were held in Las Vegas, NV. I have been to a few expos that the UFC has held and this one was the best one so far. Not only did we see UFC 175 but we got to  see TUF 19 the next day and both cards lived up to the hype. Saturdays UFC 175 proved that Chris Weidman isn’t a fluke champion and showed he is the Middleweight Champion by taking on one of the most dangerous middleweights, Lyoto Machida. Then Sunday was TUF 19 we got to see two new TUF Champions in the Middleweight and Light-Heavyweight divisions, Eddie Gordon and Corey Anderson. The main event for TUF were the coaches who have meet 2 times before and Frankie Edgar wanted to keep it 3 and 0 against BJ Penn. Edgar and Penn started out slow the first 2 rounds but the 3rd round showed why Edgar was made for the smaller weight class than Penn by TKOing him. After the fight and at the press conference BJ Penn told the world he is retiring from the UFC and MMA. He is one of 2 men to hold two different titles in two different weight-classes. I want to say THANK YOU to BJ for all the fights and great times he has done.

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