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UFC Fight Night 61 Live Results

02-25-2015, by JP Scarano, Exclusively for TheFightWorld.Com

This past Sunday night was a busy night for me and I bet for all you fight fans with the UFC Fight Night 61 live and free on FOX Sports 1 (also with the Oscars as well). That’s right I watched those, too! But before I watched the Oscars I was watching the UFC fights in Brazil and, WOW!, it was the night of the underdog, for sure.

With 9 of the fighters being called underdogs they showed you can’t look past underdogs at all as evidenced by KO’s, submissions, and just some great fights. It was obvious that these men and women came to fight and prove themselves. Most of the fighters on the card were considered underdogs and they were looked past because they were fighting in Brazil. I think it was disrespectful for anyone to say that, for sure. Yeah, the Vegas betting system lays the odds but you should never look past any fighter. The so-called underdogs proved that to be true at UFC Fight Night 61.

In the co-main even we had Michael Johnson beating Edson Barboza by UD in a fight-of-the-night card. Both of these men wanted to prove they are not fighters to be looked past at all. But it was Johnson who wanted to win more then Barboza on this night.

Johnson was putting together great combos and take-downs during the entire match. For some unknown reason Barboza wasn’t able to get anything going until the 2nd round. I have to say that watching these men fight was very entertaining.  Johnson, who wanted the win more than Barboza, called out former WEC/UFC champion Benson Henderson for a fight. I think that would be a great fight between those 2 fighters. Especially since  Henderson is coming off of a great win himself.

In the main event we had the big boys in the Heavyweight division where we saw former champion Frank Mir take on Antonio Silva. Both of these men had their backs against the wall for this fight. That’s because they were fighting to keep their dreams of a title shot alive and fighting for their careers in the UFC .

Both men looked really good at the weigh-ins where Mir was at 261lbs. I haven’t seen Mir that big in a long time. Silva weighed in at 264lbs. When the fight got started Mir was fighting in an orthodox stance instead of his usual southpaw stance that we have seen since we first saw him fight. his confused Silva a bit but that didn’t bother him too much because he came to fight and man did they ever!

Mir was relaxed and calm and showed some great boxing skills with combos that caught Silva off guard.  At 1:40 into the first round Mir threw a great left jab-hook combo that brought Silva down. Mir pounced onto Silva with ground and pound along with a few shots and elbows. With this, the Ref rushed in to stop the fight, breaking Mir’s 4-fight losing streak. Mir is definitely back to his winning ways. This win made him the 9th underdog to win that night.

Antonio Silva was benched with a 2-month medical suspension following his third knockout loss in four fights. 

What did you think of these fights ?

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