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UFC Championship World Tour – Embedded

03-26-15. By JP Scarano, Exclusively for TheFightWorld.Com

The UFC is promoting their upcoming July event with a World Championship Tour that started in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this last weekend. Included this tour will be the two men who will be in the main event of that promotion. They are number-one contender, Conor McGregor and the UFC World Featherweight Champion, Jose Aldo Both of these men will travel to eight cities in five countries over the course of 12 days to promote their fight on July 11, 2015 in Las Vegas. The following cities remain in the tour:

  1.  Las Vegas on March 23
  2. Los Angeles March 24
  3. Boston on March 25
  4. New York on March 26
  5. Toronto, Ontario, Canada March 27
  6. London, England March 30
  7. Dublin, Ireland March 31.  (McGregor’s home country)

This is a crazy tour but, wait! There’s more!

At the first press conference to start off the Championship World Tour in Brazil, Jose Aldo’s home country, the crowd was HOT and I mean like 100% behind their home town champion/hero. McGregor didn’t let any of that phase him one bit at all. The brash and always outspoken McGregor  continued to speak his mind and didn’t care what the fans think about the outcome his fight with Aldo. McGregor truly believes that he is going to beat Aldo and keeps saying it.

Aldo, on the other hand, has promised his fans, friends, fighters, and family that he will not only beat McGregor but, he will also hurt him when he does it. He needs McGregor’s reign as a number-one contender to continue so that he has an opportunity  to show that McGregor is the “Court Jester” and that he, Aldo, is the “King” for a good reason. These men don’t like each other at all and it is going to get tense. I predict that someone will be putting their hands on his opponent soon. The unanswered question here  is; WHO will be the first to do so?

Dana White has his hands full with this tour. The reason I say that is because Aldo’s head trainer and coach told White this, “If  McGregor touches Aldo at all there won’t be no stopping the champ at all, cause Aldo won’t take anymore disrespect from McGregor at all.” Those are some dangerous words from the champion’s team and are also ones that aren’t to be taken lightly by the other side at all. White has been part of these types of hate-fights before but this is going to be one that will take it to the next level. I would hate to be in White’s shoes for this tour.

Along with the tour, the UFC announced that the UFC Women’s World Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey, will be fighting in Brazil. She will be defending her title against the undefeated Brazillian, Bethe Correia, at UFC 190 on August 1, 2015. These women have been going at each other one way or another. Correia has been on a tear since being in MMA with a record of 9-0-0 and 4-0 in the UFC. In addition to that, Correia has beaten two of Rousey’s close friends and training partners, Jessamyn Duke and Shayna Baszier. Correia is a tough fighter with most of her wins coming by way of UD and only two of those were by TKO. In taking on the first UFC Women’s Champion this will be the fight that will really test Correia and we will definitely see if she has what it takes.

Let’s not forget that Rousey is always improving on all aspects of her fight game. Rousey had a 14-second submission win in her last fight and I think, as a result, everyone is forgetting that she is the most dangerous woman around right now. If Correia loses sight of that fact she will be in serious trouble in this match-up.

What do you fight fans think of all this ?

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