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UFC Champion Jon Jones Stripped of Title and Suspended

05-02-2015, by JP Scarano, Exclusively for TheFightWorld.Com

I know most of you have heard by now that UFC World Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones was in a hit and run car accident this past Sunday, but you what we didn’t know was why and so much more. Jones was preparing for his title defense against Anthony Johnson at UFC 187 and for some reason he got into a car accident. He ran from the scene of the accident, came back and retrieved some cash. The person Jones hit is a pregnant mother who broke her arm in the accident. It went from a bad to worse for Jones. The injury to the woman Jones hit created a felony hit and run charge.

This isn’t the first time the young champion has been in trouble with the law. His first time was about a year after he won the title with a DWI in New York while visiting his family. Before you all say anything about Jones’s drug rehab stint, remember this is Jones’s first time with a felony arrest and he could be looking at 2 to maybe 3 years jail time. That is all up in the air right now until we know more. The woman is fine and so is her baby which is a big relief.

I feel that Jones has been in a whirlwind since becoming the youngest UFC champion along with all the pressure that comes with that status. I am not making any excuses for him at all. Jones was wrong and he should be punished for what he did. I think this might be good for him to really reflect on his life and to see what he will be missing with family, friends, and as champion. Jones is starting to lose sponsors already and his biggest one is Reebox who terminated their agreement with Jones a few days ago.

Last night on UFC Tonight Dana White had to make a tough decision about Jones and the title. White said that Jones has a lot to deal with and could be looking at 18 to 36 months in jail if found guilty. With that being said, the UFC and White stripped Jones of his title. Johnson will be facing Daniel Cormier instead of Jones. Both these men are ready for they shot.

Cormier just fought Jones for the title back in January 3, 2015. It was a tough fight but Jones took the UD for the win. Cormier was supposed to fight Ryan Bader on the June 6 card at UFC Fight Night 68 but, when White stripped Jones of the title, Cormier got a chance at the title again. Johnson has been on a tear since returning to the UFC and looking unstoppable. In Johnson’s last fight against Alexander Gustafsson, Johnson looked great, got the TKO win and the right to face Jones for the title. Now Johnson has a new fight on his hands with Cormier. Both of these men want it and this will be a great main event.

I do wish Jon Jones the best and I hope he can clean up his act along with change the things that need to be changed for his and his family’s sake. I still believe that Jones is one of the best fighters in the world and he could bounce back from this in time but right now his future is unsure as we don’t know what will happen.

What do you fight fans think of all this ?

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