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UFC 184 Results

03-03-2015, by JP Scarano, Exclusively for TheFightWorld.Com

UFC 184 took place in Los Angeles, California on this last Saturday night.  It was ladies night for fighting as the main and co-main event was fought solely by women. I really like watching women’s fights and it was good to see an all-woman UFC event.

In the co-main event we had Holly Holm taking on Raquel Pennington in a Bantamweight fight. This was a major fight with Holm debuting in the UFC with a great boxing record and an undefeated winning streak in MMA. Pennington was looking to take that away from Holm. Pennington is a tough fighter for sure and we all saw that on TUF season 18 with Pennington going for it all  in order to move up the ranks. This fight was going back and forth with combos while Pennington was trying to get Holm to the mat, but Holm showed her  some really good ground defense. This fight went the distance and it was Holm’s with the SD at the end of 3 rounds. This was a great fight and I would love to see these women fight again soon.

In the main event of the evening we had defending champion Ronda Rousey taking on Cat Zingano. Both these women were looking to stay undefeated and take home the title. Here we go with the fight recap: Zingano came out fast and ready to fight with a flying knee to Rousey then a throw, but Rousey was ready and, with her Judo background, that was a mistake. That throw was the beginning of the end for Zingano. Rousey did a roll from the throw and then rolled rolled  Zingano. Rousey got onto Zingano’s back and then she quickly got the armbar for the win.

With all that happening how long you ask did that take ? It only took Rousey 14 seconds to win in the first round. Yes, you read that right fight fans :14 SECONDS! I about lost it when I saw Rousey pull this move off  with amazing speed. It was one of the fastest submission’s in MMA history and it is now the fastest submission in UFC history.

After the fight was all said and done, Rousey said that she wouldn’t mind fighting two other women but thinks that Zingano should get a rematch sooner rather then later. I think that is a true champion saying that. With this win for Rousey the question who is next for her? Rousey has pretty much cleared out the whole roster and now is waiting for more challengers. We’ll be waiting with her to see who will be her next prey.

What did you fight fans think ?

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