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UFC 182 Results

01-05-15. By JP Scarano, Exclusively for TheFightWorld.Com

This past weekend we had our first fights of the new year and they were full of bad blood! The UFC came to us live from the MGM Grand Area in Las Vegas, Nevada. We saw most of the fights land in the hands of the judges and 3 more fights decided by way of KO which were all on the prelims on FOX Sports 1. But that wasn’t what this PPV was about. It was all about the bad blood in the main and co-main events.

In the co-main event of the evening it WAS Donald Cerrone vs. Myles Jury in a Lightweight fight. These two men have been at each other since they both signed their respective contracts for this fight. The bad blood between them came when Jury beat Cerrone’s teammate and good friend, Diego Sanchez, and talked trash about him. Cerrone told Dana White he wanted Jury for his next fight no matter what. So Cerrone got his wish and the fight happened. It was a good fight, but for me and a few fight fans I talked to afterwards,  Jury didn’t do much of anything. It was obvious that Cerrone was there to fight and prove that he should have the next title shot.

The first round was all Cerrone with a striking and ground game. Most everyone forgets that Cerrone has a really good ground game and we saw proof of that with 3 submission attempts. In the 2nd and 3rd round, we saw Cerrone pretty much going after Jury who was constantly running and moving away from Cerrone. After 3 rounds, Cerrone took the Unanimous Decision. At the end of the fight Cerrone felt this wasn’t a real win for him because Jury didn’t come to fight. And, despite all the trash talk, there wasn’t much substance to the fight. I was really disappointed as I was hoping to see an epic battle between these two men.

In the main event of the evening for the UFC World Light-Heavyweight Championship it was champion Jon Jones taking on bittier rival Daniel Cormier. This wasn’t going to be a battle of technique. It was more of a brawl and grind match due to the fact that these two men hate each other and they wanted to prove who was the better man as well as who should be the champion. But after 5 rounds, it was Jones who took the Unanimous Decision and snatched a major win from Cormier hands.

When I was watching this fight I knew what Jones was doing and I felt he only gave up only  one round to Cormier. Jones  employed a rope-a-dope  similar to the one that as used by Muhammad Ali against George Foreman. I thought this was a dangerous technique to use in an MMA fight  but Jones proves again that he is a true champion. He was ready for anything Cormier had to offer in this fight. Cormier looked good in the first two rounds but slowed down after that and Jones knew it. He kept the pressure on Cormier for the rest of the fight. After the final bell sounded, it was all Jones for the UD and he remains the undisputed UFC World Light-Heavyweight Champion.

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