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The Recent Sports MMA LA Tournament

By JP Scarano for

On Oct. 26, 2014 the Fight World crew went to Sherman Oaks, CA to cover the Sports MMA LA Tournament held at the Van Nuys – Sherman Oaks Recreational Center. We had a great time there! We got to see some exciting matches in both the Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts competitions.

I was very pleased to see that the tournament promoters, A-Train Promotions, added point sparring to the event. I was selected to be the referee/judge for all the point sparring fights and I know firsthand you will see some really close fights and good fighting skills in our TFW videos. We are editing them as I write.

After it was all said and done, there were new champions crowned in the Boy’s, Girl’s, Teen’s, Women’s, and Men’s MMA divisions. Each one of these fighters from those divisions showed good skill and a lot of heart. These amateur events are important because this is where the next generation of professional fighters will arise. These amateur competitors get the chance to learn how to sharpen their skills and show off how much they have learned at these type of events. As fans, we get to see the exceptionally talented amateurs before they take the next step towards competing at a higher level. And we can talk about how we used to see them as amateurs and how much they have changed as professional fighters.

Along with that, the California State Athletic Association sent two investigators to oversee the event in order to be sure that it was being run safely and professionally. I had the chance to talk with them at great length. I was pleased that they were very impressed with the level of safety being demonstrated in the Sports MMA LA event overall. A-Train does a very good job of putting on a well-run and safe tournament.

I picked up some extremely good advice from the CSAC investigators on how to become a safer referee in the ring.  And I was impressed with the obvious dedication to the Fight World I saw in the two investigators from the CSAC. They truly want to see that amateur fighters are as injury free as possible so that they can get their shot at professional competition. The CSAC gets a big TFW thumbs-up!

I am looking forward to A-Train’s next promotion and I hope to referee for them again.

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