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Superfight Dreaming and Old Dog Boxing

12-7-14, By JP Scarano, Exclusively for

I just read a really good article about how one side is more interested in putting on a superfight between Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather and the other side isn’t really wanting it AGAIN. This fight has been talked about for over 5 years now and all the fans, fighters, managers, promoters, et cetera. want to see this fight take place. I know myself, along with my whole fight world crew, want to see this fight take place sometime next year. If Pacquiao is ready by May as he stated after his last fight it could certainly take place as early as June  of 2015.

But, wait again! Mayweather and his camp won’t talk about this subject and it seems they don’t want the fight to take place at all. That sucks big time for all of us fight fans because this is the superfight that just really needs to happen.  Mayweather is showing his true side as a “hand-picks-his-fights” kind of champion. In my opinion, if Mayweather and Pacquiao want to go down in boxing history as two great legends, this fight must happen.

Speaking of fighting, on Friday December 12, 2014 there will be an amateur boxing event at South Coast Martial Arts in Costa Mesa, California. I will be there to watch the event.

Recently, I had the chance to go down and meet the owners of South Coast Martial Arts and get a better feeling about who they are and why they are putting on this event. Gina and Joaquin Sahagun, who run SC Martial Arts, have a huge love for the martial arts and passion for it to match. They teach Kenpo, Kung-Fu, Wu-shu, Boxing, Kickboxing, Parkour, and many more styles. They also hold in-house martial arts, boxing, and kickboxing tournaments.

The tournament that is being held this coming Friday night is known as Old Dog Boxing. The event is open to Old Dog fighters from the age of 35 to 75! If you are in the area come on down and come see some great fights.  And look for me. I will be wearing a shirt with a big TheFightWorld.Com logo on my back. I would be happy to meet you there!

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