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Siver and McGregor to Rumble in UFC Fight Night 59

01-17-15. By JP Scarano, Exclusively for TheFightWorld.Com

This weekend will be a treat for all us fight fans with not one, but 3, MMA events on TV. There will also be Boxing on Shobox, as well. But I am going to be writing about the UFC Fight Night 59 on Sunday, January 18, 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts.

We have a main event title shot fight with Connor McGregor taking on Dennis Siver. Not everyone in the UFC Featherweight division thinks that this fight is right. We have talked about the co-main event already with Donald Cerrone taking on Benson Henderson in a Lightweight bout. This article will be about the main event and the fighters who are fighting in it.

Let.s take a look at Dennis Siver first. With a record of 22-9-0(1), Siver is also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, purple belt in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, green belt in Judo, and a champion in Kickboxing. With all of these styles under his belt he has proven to be a dangerous fighter in either weight class he competes. Siver has been in the UFC since 2007 and has mostly fought in the Lightweight division and was content there but everyone, including myself has said that Siver has been too small for the Lightweight division and should be fighting in the Featherweight division.

After Siver took on Donald Cerrone, he made the choice to move down to the Featherweight division and has looked good since his debut there. His first loss as a Featherweight was to Cub Swanson back on July 3, 2013 by TKO. He bounced back when he fought Manny Gamburyan and won by UD. That win was later overturned and converted to a no-contest because Siver tested positive for HCG. Siver was put on suspension for that offense. After Siver’s suspension was completed,  he took on Charles Rosa and dominated him from bell to bell and took the UD. Now he is looking to make his run at the Featherweight title.

At 36 years old, Siver knows that his time is running out and he needs to make a run at a title shot and not just fight to compete. I think he has a tough fight in store with Connor McGregor who is on a tear and wants a title shot as well.

Now onto Connor McGregor who has a record of 16-2-0, a 12-fight winning streak and is 4-0 in the UFC.  McGregor is from Dublin, Ireland and has fought all over Ireland and England most of his career. McGregor was the Cage Warrior Fighting Champion World Featherweight and Lightweight Champion before signing with the UFC. To say that McGregor is a fighting Irishman is to say the least. He is tough as they come and walks the talk. McGregor has no problems hyping up a fight or saying what is on his mind at all which really upsets everyone.

In McGregor’s first fight in the UFC he took on Marcus Brimage and he looked good and ready for it. Brimage was a TUF vet and looking to make it 4-0 in the UFC. However,  McGregor TKO’ed Brimage in the first round and that was the start of his run.

McGregor took on Max Holloway who is a tough Hawaiian who keeps getting better all the time but this fight was a test for both these men. McGregor, with his combos and take downs, earned the UD  but we learned that McGregor tore his ACL and had to have surgery. That kept  him out of action for 10 months and with that time off McGregor kept busy with training, rehabbing, and hype-talking.

When McGregor was fully healed he was supposed to take on Cole Miller in Dublin, Ireland back on July 19, 2014. Miller, who thinks that McGregor is overhyped and not that good of a fighter, wanted to prove that  McGregor should have stayed in the other promotions before the coming to the UFC. Miller got injured and McGregor was without an opponent until TUF winner, Diego Brandao, stepped up on short notice to fight McGregor. That fight had war written all over it and we got it for sure. When McGregor came out to the cage, the crowd went nuts for their home town hero. McGregor TKO’ed his way to a win. 

McGregor”s next fight would be against Miller’s teammate and friend, Dustin Poirier, on September 27, 2014. Those two men were going at each other on twitter and  in person about how much they hated each other and wanted this fight to take place. When they fought, McGregor was looking great and Poirier was doing a good job but got caught with a good shot to the neck/ear area and McGregor won by TKO again. Now McGregor will be facing Siver which is being considered a title contention fight.

Everyone in the UFC featherweight division thinks that the UFC bosses are giving McGregor easy fights and are grooming him for a title shot against current champion, Jose Aldo. A few top fighters are saying that McGregor needs to fight a wrestler before he gets a shot. I am sorry, but McGregor has shown that he isn’t a one-trick pony. He trains all the time in different styles in order to keep improving. Siver isn’t a pushover at all and McGregor knows that and isn’t looking past him. I can see either one of these men winning on Sunday.

What do you fans and fighters think ?

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