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Silva and Diaz Test Positive for Banned Drug Use!

02-04-2015, by JP Scarano, Exclusively for TheFightWorld.Com

Yesterday we received word that UFC living legend and recently-returned MMA fighter Anderson Silva tested positive for steroids on January 9, 2015 in a random drug test ordered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission weeks before his fight with Nick Diaz! The results of that test only came to light yesterday. Everyone from fans, fighters, mangers, promoters, et cetera. are now thinking the same thing; “WOW! Was Silva doping the whole time he was in the UFC ?” No one thought for a minute that a fighter of Silva’s status would ever use drugs unless it was prescribed to him by his doctor for medical reasons only.

When Silva was tested, Drostanolone metabolites came up which indicates the use of anabolic steroids, as well as Androsterone which is a form of Endogenous Testosterone. This is the first time that Silva has tested positive for anything so I think there is more to this than meets the eye. I say this beause Silva is coming back from a broken leg that required surgery to repair. A lot of people are saying “This will tarnish his reputation’ and “This might bring his reign as a champion into serious question”.”I think this is a harsh and preliminary judgement on their part. I say let’s wait until we know the whole story that will be coming out soon.

Nick Diaz also tested positive for marijuana metabolites in his post-fight test. This isn’t the fist time that Diaz has tested positive for marijuana. This is the 3rd time that he has been caught. But what shocks me is that this drug is banned unlike cocaine which UFC champion Jon Jones tested positive for recently. Now that we know that Diaz got tested and failed his drug test what will happen to him ? This could definitely end Diaz’s career as an MMA fighter. At the best we may not see Diaz for another few years. We won’t know thae outcome until after the hearing that will take place later on this year.

Diaz has admitted that he uses marijuana cause of anxiety issues. I understand as a fighter you have a lot of stress with interviews, meetings, filmings, etc. but if you know they are coming then you need to find another way to calm down. Diaz has stated that he does have a medical marijuana card and the prescription for marijuana was issued by a licensed doctor. This issue has the potential of producing an interesting ruling from the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The chances are that the ruling for Diaz’s legal marijuana use may set a precedent in MMA drug testing.

Both these fighters are in a lot of trouble and things look especially grim for Silva. This has also put Silva’s legacy in question as one of the greatest fighters of all time. Again, however, we don’t know the whole story and once we get it things will go a bad way or a good way. I am hoping that it’s the latter of the 2 outcomes. What do you fans think about this ?

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