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RFA vs Legacy FC Superfights

05-10-15. By JP Scarano, Exclusively for TheFightWorld.Com

On Friday May8, 2015 we experienced one of the rarest pleasures in seeing two different MMA promotions come together for a superfight. We had RFA vs. Legacy FC for the AXS TV Superfight World Flyweight Championship in the main event. In the co-main event saw the RFA World Bantamweight Champion defending his title for the first time, and we saw the crowning of a new Legacy FC World Lightweight Champion. Let’s get to the results.

For the vacant Legacy FC World Lightweight Championship we had Mike Bronzoulis defeating Dave Burrow in a 5-round war that saw Bronzoulis take the UD and the belt. This fight was back and forth all the way and we saw some great combos coming from Bronzoulis who knew that he had to keep the fight standing upright against Burrow who is a dangerous submission stylist. But Burrow didn’t back down at in spite of the stand-up and kept his own. It wasn’t enough because Bronzoulis was getting the take-downs along with trying for finishes thrroughout the match. I can see these men fighting again sometime down the line for sure. This makes the second title for Bronzoulis. He won the Legacy FC World Welterweight Championship, as well. If Bronzoulis keeps this going I think we can see another superfight soon.

The RFA World Bantamweight Championship bout was up next with defending champion Luke Sanders def. Terrion Ware by UD. I thought this match was going to get called cause of the way Ware was taking a beating and considering  how swollen his left eye was. In the first two rounds we saw Sanders just dominating Ware with his combos and take downs. But, Ware is a true warrior in the cage and wasn’t going to let this championship fight slip through his fingers. Early in the 3rd round Sanders caught Ware right in the eye with a great combo and that was when Ware’s eye starting to swell up and had a nasty mouse for the rest of the fight. Never one to back down and keep going, Ware was ready. The doctors and ref looked at Ware’s eye to make sure he cpuld continue to fight to determine if he was safe. They determined he was fine to fight and the fight continued. In the end, Sanders was just too much for Ware withhis speed, power and combos. He took the UD and the belt home in his first title defense. Sanders remains undefeated.

Now onto the main event of the evening for the AXS TV Superfight World Flyweight Championship we had RFA World Flyweight Champion Alexandre Pantoja def. Damacio Page by submission in the 2nd round. This fight started out fast and both men were there to fight. Page is just a power hitter all the way and began hitting Pantoja with combos and with good ground defense. Page was ready to do what it takes to win the title, but Pantoja studied Page very well and was ready for anything that Page had to give in the cage. Pantoja got rocked really bad in the first round where I thought he was out and the fight was over but Pantoja wasn’t going down that fast. He came back with some great comebacks and kept his cool. In the beginning of the 2nd round we saw more of  Page just putting the pressure on Pantoja. Pantoja knew that sooner or later that Page would make the mistake of over doing it with ground and pound and got a slick submission with a triangle choke. With seconds left in the round the ref stepped in and stopped the fight giving Pantoja the win and the belts. But don’t count Page out  he will come back stronger and better soon.

I loved these type of fights where it was champion vs. champion and got to see what promotion has the best fighters. I could see more of these types of fights happening and soon. So AXS TV, RFA, and Legacy FC thank you for the great fights. What did you fight fans think ?

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