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Retired MMA Fighter, Kevin McKenzie, Wants One More Fight!

01-14-15. By JP Scarano, Exclusively for TheFightWorld.Com

Retired MMA Fighter, Cody McKenzie, has been making news again. This time it’s about McKenzie attacking his former boss, Dana White.

We first saw McKenzie on TUF and he fought several times in the UFC where he competed mostly in the Lightweight division and two times in the Featherweight division. With a record of 3-4 in the UFC  he was released from the promotion after his last loss.  That is where it all started for McKenzie.

When McKenzie was released from the UFC he started talking about how mistreated he was and how underpaid he was, as well. He has spoken out a few times about how Dana White and the UFC treat their lower-end fighters and make them feel like as if they are sub-standard. He also feels that they demand much more out of those fighters than they do of the fighters in the upper divisions.

McKenzie retired this past December with a record of 15-6 but there is one fight that would make him come out of retirement. That fight would be  with his former boss, Dana White. McKenzie told “I would love to fight Dana White.  I’d love to beat him up. He talks bad about fighters all the time, disrespects fighters. Yeah, he’s a piece of work.”

The reason why McKenzie wants to fight White so badly is due to the way he feels that White and the owners of the UFC treat their fighters and how White talks trash on fighters, in general. “There’s a bunch of guys getting their heads pounded in to make them that money struggling.” McKenzie said, ” They don’t understand the other end of it. They don’t understand the struggle. Dana runs around running his mouth all the time about fighters.”

And, with the Reebok deal happening soon, a lot of fighters and their sponsors are wondering what is going to happen to them as a result of that deal. It sure looks like the UFC’s star is getting a bit tarnished lately, doesn’t it?

More than anything else, McKenzie finds it disrespectful the way White and UFC owners, Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, flaunt their money. The UFC is estimated to be worth more than $1 billion. White’s ownership is 9% of that and the Fertitta’s ownership is 40% (The Fertitta’s LLC, Zuffa, and Flash Entertainment own the remaining 51%) yet McKenzie said he never made more than $50,000 in one year. He fought seven times for the UFC from 2010 to 2013 and is an alumni of the organization’s flagship reality show “The Ultimate Fighter.”

What really gets to McKenzie is how White is more generous with casino dealers and waitresses than he ever was with his fighters. He said “It’s just a joke. I’ve heard stories about Dana tipping waitresses big money and it’s like, Damn!, that’s more money than I get paid a year.’ McKenzie says that he would fight White for free just to show him the other side of of the UFC  from a fighter’s perspective.

McKenzie explained his reason for retiring when he said.“I ain’t trying to get knocked out no more. I want to get out while my health is good. I’d like to find something else to do while I’m still able-bodied and not a potato.” Perhaps he would be enjoying his retirement if he had been paid decently when he fought for the UFC. I respect his decision to retire before he was brain or body-injured and was unable to make a living at all.

Do I think McKenzie is wrong to feel this way and display his emotions? NO! I think he is right to say anything he wants and should speak his mind. But, to go after White is a big task and that shouldn’t be taken lightly. White is, after all, a powerful man in the MMA world. Be careful, Kevin!

What do you fans think ?

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