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Results of the final weekend of the 2014 Fight Year

12-29-14. By JP Scarano, Exclusively for TheFightWorld.Com

The weekend of 12-20 and 12-22-14 was the final weekend of MMA fights for the year and WOW, they didn’t let us down at all with what we all wanted to see. We got to see two former champions come back and show why they are still at the top of their games and why they should get another title shot after one more fight each. Also we saw the re-signing of a former champion which returned him back to the UFC. Lets get this going with the results.

Titan FC 32 was in Lowell, Massachusetts at the Tsongas Center for their final card of the year. Each one of the fighters on that card was there to prove themselves and were very desirous of a win.

In the co-main event of the night Rich Hawn took the fight right to Carlo Prater with his judo and his ground and pound. His striking keeps improving every fight. Prater had some good counters and tried to get something going against Hawn but he didn’t have an answer at all. After 3 great rounds of fighting, Hawn took the unanimous decision.

In the main event for the vacant Titan FC World Featherweight title we saw Desmond Green taking on Steve Siler. I knew we would see an aggresive Green looking to get back on track and take the title with him for the new year. Siler was looking to get not just a title but a chance to go back to the UFC and make another run at their title. But Green put a stop to that with his take downs, good combos and  set ups that were on point throughout the entire fight. Siler was trying to get something going with counters and his huge heart but it was Green who got the unanimous decision for the win. Congratulations to the new Titan FC World Featherweight Champion, Desmond Green.

UFC Fight Night 58 was in Barueri, Sao Paulo, Brazil at the Jose Correa Arena for the last card for the UFC and mixed martial arts. We got to see some previews for the UFC’s first fight of the new year which is looking more and more like a war then a fight which I hope will take place. The biggest shocker here was that the UFC has re-signed Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. That’s right, you just read that Rampage is back in the UFC and we will get into that in a bit but, first lets talk about these fights.

We saw great action so lets get into the co-main event of the evening where former UFC World Bantamweight Champion, Renan Barao, took on #15 contender Mitch Gagnon in a really exciting fight. Here we saw Gagnon showing off great striking skills along with defense but they were no match for Barao’s striking, counter striking and take down defense. These men wanted to prove who should go up in ranking and move forward but it was Barao, with a slick arm triangle choke, who got the win.

In the main event of the evening in the Middleweight division we saw C.B Dollaway looking to jump up in rankings to earn a title shot. He took on former UFC World Light-Heavyweight Champion, Lyoto Machida, who is looking to become the champion in two divisions. This fight started out really well for Dollaway and he looked ready for anything but Machida once again showed why he is one of the trickiest fighters in any division. He delivered a kick heard around the world that hit Dollaway so hard that it made him feel as if he were paralyzed. As a result, the fight was stopped in the first round. This was Machida’s chance to prove to everyone that he will be back on top and that he isn’t done just yet.

Rampage’s Return: As I said earlier I would come back and talk about this so here we go. When I heard that Rampage is coming back to the UFC and that he will no longer be with BellatorMMA, I was skeptical.I have heard  on the grapevine that Rampage is still under contract with BellatorMMA. So his move back to the UFC may have some kinks that need to be ironed out.

When Rampage left the UFC he said he wanted to go some place where he felt wanted and needed. He made the move because the former President of BellatorMMA was pretty much on the Rampage band wagon and saw star power in him. That and, of course, the possibility of  lots of money coming in from his performances. But that all changed when Scott Coker took over and now Rampage doesn’t feel like he will be treated as well as he wished. Seeing that this could have a bad effect on his career, he signed a new deal with the UFC.

Just in case you are unaware. Rampage was one of the most popular fighters for PrideFC and the UFC . He was also the first man to unify the PrideFC and UFC light-heavyweight championships with a record of 34-11-0. He is looking for one more title run before he calls it quits.

Regardless, Coker isn’t happy with Rampage’s legal status at all and he has stated that Rampage is under contract with BellatorMMA. We will have to see what develops with this situation.

What do you fans think of the news about Rampage and what did you think of the fights?

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