Sunday, May 31st, 2020
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Leslie Smith’s Exploding Cauliflower Ear at UFC 180

Everyone is talking about Leslie Smith, the UFC’s No. 3-ranked 125-pounder, and her exploding-cauliflower-ear incident that occurred during her UFC  180 match last Saturday night with Jessica Eye. Eye, a professional fighter since 2010, ended the fight with Smith after landing a right-handed blow to the side of Smith’s head. As a result of that blow, Eye won the fight via TKO by Doctor’s stoppage in the second round. One picture taken at the fight shows a plume of blood exploding outward from the impact of Eye’s glove. It’s pretty obvious that Smith is going to have to wear protective headgear from now on if she is to continue fighting. Here’s a great article with a couple of good pictures of the blow and the resulting damage to Smith’s ear:

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