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Kimbo Slice Returns to MMA!

01-29-2015, by JP Scarano, Exclusively for TheFightWorld.Com

That’s right, fight fans! You read the headline right. Kimbo Slice is coming out of retirement and will return to Mixed Martial Arts. This time around he will fight in Bellator MMA. The last time we saw Slice was back in the UFC  on May 8, 2010 when he lost to Matt Mitrione and said he was done with MMA. He said he wanted to focus on Boxing, but I guess things have changed and now he is back in MMA for another go-around.

We first saw Kevin Ferguson, aka “Kimbo Slice”, on YouTube in street brawling fights that caught the attention of many people and, eventually, the attention of former MMA promotion, EliteXC. He made a big splash upon entering the promotion and everyone wanted to take Slice on because he was a “Street Fighter” and not a true MMA Fighter. Slice went 3-0 under the EliteXC banner. He fought Bo Cantrell, also a street fighter; first bad boy of MMA, Tank Abbott and James Thompson. Slice ended those fights with a TKO or a KO.

ElitieXC used Slice as their poster boy and everything centered around him. That turned out to be a bad move for EliteXC.  Slice was scheduled to fight Ken Shamrock who received a cut to the left eye during a warm-up only hours before the fight was to take place. The injury prevented Shamrock  from fighting. EliteXC appointed Seth Petruzelli as a late replacement and everyone thought the fight was going to be a lopsided  blow-out. Petruzelli was considered an easy opponent for Slice but everyone, including myself, was dead wrong. Petruzelli KO’ed Slice in the first round.

After EliteXC went bankrupt in the wake of a fight-fixing controversy, Slice didn’t know what to do with himself. He wanted to keep fighting in MMA and didn’t want to go backwards in his career as a fighter. He found himself a new home. He became part of the cast of TUF 10 Heavyweights and it was a shock to us all  because Dana White was responsible for bringing him into the promotion. White had  bad-mouthed Slice in the past and  referred to Kimbo Slice as a fraud and considered it an embarrassment that he was in a main event of a major televised MMA show. White discovered the truth about Slice and gave him a chance on TUF.  Slice came to fight and to demonstrate that he was really serious about MMA. Slice’s first fight was against “Big Country” Roy Nelson who is a heavy hitter and has a good ground game that everyone overlooks.

Slice had a good game plan, but Nelson had a better one. He TKOed Slice in the first round. Slice didn’t let the loss to Nelson hurt his chances to move up to the UFC. He kept training and learning while on TUF and truly desired to become a better fighter. Slice had his chance on the TUF 10 Finals when he took on Houston Alexander. This fight was supposed to be a war between the 2 fighters, but it really wasn’t. We did see Slice doing new things and improving on his ground game. Slice defeated Alexander in a Unanimous Decision.

Slice’s next fight was against Matt Mitrione on the UFC 113 fight card. These two men had a bit of a rivalry going on  because they were on TUF together and didn’t like each other at all. So this fight screamed “BRAWL!” and it was. Mitrione that took Slice out of the fight and the UFC  by TKOing him in the 2nd round of the fight. When Slice came to after the Mitrione fight, he knew it was time to walk away from MMA and move on to Boxing.

When Slice went into Boxing, I thought that was a good move for him because he likes to throw hands and not go onto the ground at all. Also, I think Boxing needed someone like him and Slice thought the same thing. So, he trained and on 8-13-2011 he won his first fight by KO. Slice went on to being undefeated in Boxing with a record of 7-0-0 with 6 wins by KO and 1 by UD. It was generally assumed that Slice was going to be getting a title shot for the Heavyweight Belt sometime in the future but that assumption proved to be wrong as of January 16, 2015. This is the date, after almost 5 years away from MMA, that Kimbo Slice announced his return in a live interview with Commentator Jimmy Smith at Bellator 132 .

I think it’s a bit strange for Slice to come back to MMA, but if he wants to give it another try then let’s see what Slice has got.

What do you fans think about Slice’s return?

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