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Glory 19 Results

02-09-2015, by JP Scarano, Exclusively for TheFightWorld.Com

This past Friday night we got to see Glory Kickboxing on Spike TV that came from Hampton, Virginia. I was really happy to be able to watch it and even happier that this card didn’t let me down at all. If you have never seen Glory Kickboxing then, my friends, you need to start watching it just to see what you are missing!

Lets get right into the Welterweight tournament which was both amazing and surprising. We saw Raymond Daniels vs. Jonathon Oliveira in the first semi-final fight. Oliveira looked really good and focused but it was Daniels who was there to take it to Oliveira during the whole fight and did just that. When the 2nd round came up, Daniels landed one of his signature back kicks that made Oliveira go down for the 10 count. A great win by KO!

In the next semi-final fight it was returning Nieky “The Natural” Holzken vs. Aleksandr Stetcurenko. Both of these fighters were on-point with their fighting skills.  Holzken definitely came to fight and win because he was out the all of 2014  with an injury. When we saw him fight Friday night it look liked Holzken hadn’t missed a day. The fight went the distance and Holzken defeated Stetcurenko  by UD.

In the finals of the Welterweight tournament it was Daniels vs. Holzken. So, here we go again with great combos from Holzken and the Flash impression by  Daniels which made this fight awesome to watch. It was Holzken’s combos and his ability to keep Daniels in the corner that made this fight so good. Holzken found his range early,  kept using his power shots to Daniels’ body and added the fury of his combos which caused Daniels to  fall down in each round. Daniels demonstrated that he had a lot of heart as he kept fighting no matter what and wanted a win. It was the 3rd knock down that earned Holzken the win and Daniels knew it was over. Great fight and even better sign of respect.

In the co-main event of the night we had a Middleweight fight that was all about power, speed, and heart. We had Joe Schillling vs. Robert Thomas who both came to fight hoping to make the next tournament that is happening sometime later this year. In the first round we saw Schilling using his power and combos to catch Thomas off guard. At one point, I saw Thomas’s head snap back so loud that I was like DAMN!  However, Thomas is a fighter and he took it and got knocked down only to get right back up again,  ready to fight. These men went all 3 rounds and it was Schilling with the UD after a hard-fought fight. I think we will be seeing these two men fight again soon.

Now in the main event of the evening for the Glory World Heavyweight Championship we had defending champion Rico Verhoeven vs. Errol Zimmerman who had fought two times before and wanted to end this feud to see who was the real champion. The first round started off great with fast and furious combos along with power and some hay makers. When the first round ended it was hard for me and everyone else to keep score but I had the champion in the first round. When the second round started it picked up right where they left off from the first round but it was Zimmerman who did something different and it cos him a bit. Zimmerman went for a spinning hook or back kick and missed. When Zimmerman landed his knee turned which made me and my wife go OUCH big time. They gave Zimmerman 5 minutes to find out what was wrong. The Ref called in the ringside doctor to take a look.

The doctor and Ref knew it was over right away. Verhoveven came over to Zimmerman to see how he was but by the time Verhoveven got there the decision was already made to call the fight. It was called because Zimmerman couldn’t continue the fight in his condition. But the most respectful thing I have seen in a long time was  when Verhoveven picked up Zimmerman. He was assisted by his whole corner and together they put Zimmerman in his corner so  that his team doctor could check on him, as well. They might not like each other but they do respect each other and that my friends is what this sport is about.

When the interview took place after the fight Verhoveven said this, “I didn’t want to win like this or see Zimmerman get hurt at all. Once he is better I would love to give him another shot at the title and go at it again.” That right there shows the type of champion Verhoveven is.

What did you think of the fights ?

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