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First 2015 Invicta FC Fight Card Comes to California!

01-27-2015, by JP Scarano, Exclusively for TheFightWorld.Com

I have to say that February is becoming my busiest month with so many fights scheduled. Here’s an announcement for all fans of female fighting (like I am).  Invicta FC is coming back to California for it’s first card of the year.  I am super excited to see this happen because we, here at, are big supporters of female MMA competition. We are even more excited to have it take place in our own backyard!

On February 27, 2015, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, we have Invicta FC World Featherweight Champion Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino, who is defending her title for the first time, vs. Charmaine “Not So Sweet” Tweet. Tweet, is currently on a 2-fight winning streak. Trust me when I say that these 2 ladies want to make this main event a memorable one.

Cyborg wants to keep her title like she did in Strikeforce by dominating Tweet during the entire fight and  ending it in the first round as Cyborg likes to do. Tweet isn’t a push over by any means with a record of 6-4-0. Tweet is coming close to the end of her MMA career with this fight. She is well aware that this could be her last chance at a title. In addition to beating Cyborg, this would make Tweet the woman who took down one of the toughest women in MMA. This is a fight you do not want to miss!

Now let’s take a closer look at the main event on the fight card. By the way, this won’t be the only Invicta FC fight we will talk about here on TheFightWorld .com. There is more to come on  this card. So, be looking for it, fight fans.

The title challenger, Charmain Tweet,  is a Canadian mixed martial artist who is a submission specialist. Her striking ability keeps improving  every time she comes to to the cage to fight. As I said before, Tweet looks like she is coming to the end of her MMA career. I say this because she is 37 years old and this might be her last chance to get a title before calling it quits. No one is more dangerous in this fight than Tweet because she understands that Cyborg is as tough as they come. When everyone says that you don’t have a chance of winning a fight it just makes you train harder, think of more ways to do different things in the cage and you make sure your game plan is on point. If we know one thing, being an underdog isn’t always a bad thing and right now Tweet is that underdog. If you don’t look at this fight as a tough one for Cyborg you will be shocked if Tweet does something amazing in this title fight.

Now onto the Champion, Cyborg Justino, who is one of the most dangerous strikers in all of female MMA and maybe in a few men’s division’s, as well. Cyborg’s record is 12-1-0(1) and it isn’t looking like she is slowing down at all. When we first saw this lady I was already a bit afraid of her because of the massive tattoo on her back along with the power you you could hear as she landed her punches. Let’s not forget that Cyborg is also one of few ladies who competes in both MMA and Kickboxing. If you read what I said in my article about Cro-Cop then you know that it is tough to do. Cyborg is out to prove she can do both sports just like any man and more.

Being a champion means you always have a big bullseye on your back. Cyborg knows that better then anyone with being the first and last Strikeforce Women’s World Featherweight Champion and the current Invitca FC World Featherweight Champion. So her mind is fixed on Tweet who is dangerous in her own rights.

If  Cyborg is successful in her title defense everyone will be asking this question: “Will Cyborg drop from 145lbs. to 135lbs. to fight Ronda Rousey ?” I think this question needs to wait until after she successfully defends her title and then we’ll try to find an answer to it.

Fan question; Who do you have for the win in this fight and are you all excited about the ladies coming to Cali like we are?

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