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Drug Testing in MMA

02-25-2015, by JP Scarano, Exclusively for TheFightWorld.Com

Since the story broke out about Anderson Silva testing positive for drugs before his fight with Nick Diaz there have been a lot of questions being asked about him. For example: “How long has Silva been using ?”, “Is this going to hurt Silva’s legacy?”, “Will Silva fight again?” and here are my answers to those questions.

I think Silva used drugs after his broken leg to help him heal faster so he could fight sooner. But we don’t know if that is the case because this is the first time Silva has tested positive for drug use. I don’t believe this will hurt Silva’s legacy at all. I do think that Silva should call it quits because he has nothing left to prove.  And, with his positive drug test results, everyone will question whether Silva is fighting clean or is cheating.

Nick Diaz getting caught on his post-fight drug test isn’t as big a shocker for me or anyone else, for that matter. This isn’t the first time Diaz has tested positive for marijuana use after a fight. This is his third failed drug test.

Diaz has stated many times before that he uses marijuana to help him relax and keep calm because he has been prone to have anxiety issues. Do I think marijuana is helping fighters win fights ? NO! This drug is a relaxing drug. It doesn’t help you with gaining muscle mass or anything like that at all. It’s a banned substance by most, if not all, state athletic commissions for some unknown reason. With this being Diaz’s third failed drug screening he could see a big fine and suspension coming his way. If that happens I don’t know if Diaz will come back to compete at all.

In the midst of these other failed drug tests another fighter has gotten caught using banned drugs. UFC welterweight Hector Lombard, who was supposed to fight Rory MacDonald, failed his drug screening and that is why his April 25 fight against MacDonald was canceled. The 37-year-old Lombard tested positive for the anabolic steroid desoxymethyltestosterone according to a Nevada Athletic Commission report. This is Lombard’s first time getting caught for using a banned substance.

The spate of recent drug testing failures has spurred the UFC to come up with some new drug testing polices that will be going into play very soon.

How do you fans and fighters feel about all this ?

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