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Division Weight Cutting and Weight Division Addition to MMA

12-16-14, By JP Scarano, Exclusively for TheFightWorld.Com

There has been a lot of talk over the weekend and for many years, as well, in MMA about weight cutting and adding more weight divisions. In my opinion, adding more weight divisions in MMA is a bad idea because there are already enough divisions.  MMA doesn’t need as many different divisions and champions as there are in boxing .

Here are the weight divisions that exist in MMA already:

Men’s Weight Classes:  125lb (Flyweight), 135lb (Bantamweight), 145lb (Featherweight), 155lb (Lightweight), 170lb (welterweight), 185lb (Middleweight), 205lb (Light Heavyweight), and 265lb (Heavyweight)

There are some MMA promotions that have a 195lb (Crusierweight) division of which I  am in favor of adding. My reasoning for this is that there are fighters who are too big to be in the Middleweight Division and fighters who are too small to make the 205lb weight in the Light Heavyweight Division. And there are some fighters in the Light-Heavyweight Division who are too small for that division and are unable to cut weight to 185lbs for the Middleweight Division.

Women’s MMA Weight Classes:  105lb (Atomweight), 115lb (Strawweight) 125lb (Flyweight), 135lb (Bantamweight), 145lb (Featherweight), 155lb Llightweight).

If you take a look at boxing you will find as many as 17 weight divisions among  these eight sanctioning bodies: WBA, WBC, WBF, WBO, WBU, NABF, IBO and the IBF-USBA. MMA could end up just like boxing and a lot of fans, fighters, and so many others don’t want that to happen.

We are discussing this matter because Nate Diaz and a few other fighters missed weight this weekend and want MMA to consider the addition of more weight divisions into the sport. They want this so that fighters can make another weight division and avoid being physically drained from a weight cut. I agree that cutting weight is hard on fighters and I think that MMA should look into this.

I would suggest that MMA add 5 pounds to all the weight divisions except for the Heavyweight and Welterweight divisions because those two already have a large gap between the divisions directly below them. I think if MMA increased 6 divisions by 5 pounds  we would see fighters who are less physically drained  from cutting weight. I think this would help to create better and more exciting MMA matches.

I want to know what you the fans and fighters think of this!

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