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Cro-Cop Returns to the UFC!

01-24-2015, by JP Scarano, Exclusively for TheFightWorld.Com

Mirko Filipovic, aka Cro-Cop, is back in the UFC after 4 years. If you don’t know who this living legend is then you have been living under a rock! Cro-Cop is one of the most dangerous strikers in MMA and Kickboxing. His record is 23-8-0 in Kickboxing and 30-11-2(1) in MMA. I thought he was done with MMA and wanted to only compete in kickboxing, but he is a true warrior who wants to make a run at an MMA title.

Cro-Cop began his MMA career in Japan in two different promotions until he joined PrideFC where he became a superstar. Everyone would agree that Cro-Cop is a very dangerous striker. His kicks have been named right leg morgue and left leg cemetery simply because he delivers them with such deadly force. But what makes Cro-Cop so different then other MMA and Kickboxers is that he fought in MMA and in Kickboxing concurrently. It is really difficult to compete in one combat sport let alone 2 or 3 but Cro-Cop competed in 2 for a long time. Not only did he compete, he won the K-1 and PrideFC World Grand Prix Championships. There is only one another fighter to do this and that man is current UFC heavyweight, Alistair Overeem, who has held the MMA and the K-1 World Heavyweight Championships.

When PrideFC got bought out by the UFC, Cro-Cop was one of the fighters to get fused into the cage and taken away from the ring. I know it’s tough to switch from a ring to a cage but Cro-Cop looked like he belonged in the cage and didn’t miss a beat. That’s because Cro-Cop did what he does best; winning with a TKO in the first round. But after that he had trouble with a few fights with people putting him on the ground and with bigger fighters who used their weight and size successfully against him.

When he was released the first time from the UFC, Cro-Cop kept fighting and learned more about the ground game. When Cro-Cop got his second chance in the UFC, he looked great and ready for anything. But once, again the bigger guys just proved that Cro-Cop needed to go down to the Light-Heavyweight division. But as we all know, some fighters are stubborn and want to stay in the weight division in which they are most comfortable. Cro-Cop is one of those guys.

Since being released again by the UFC, Cro-Cop retired from MMA and focused completely on Kickboxing where he fought for Glory Kickboxing. There he went 1-1 but he wasn’t as happy as he was in the cage and wanted to come back to it. When Cro-Cop made the choice to come back fully to MMA, BellatorMMA President, Scott Coker, wanted to sign the living legend. The UFC wanted Cro-Cop back, too, and gave him a lot more money along with a deal that most fighters couldn’t resist. I am really excited to see Cro-Cop back in the cage and with the top MMA promotion.

Are you fans excited to see Cro-Cop back, too ?

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