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Bellator MMA Releases Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez

8-19-14:  Exclusively for TFW by JP Scarano

Update: 8-20-14: As predicted by TFW, Eddie Alvarez has signed with UFC and will fight Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in Las Vegas on 9-28-14  on the  UFC 178 fight card.

Today the MMA world was shocked to hear that the long time Bellator MMA fighter and current Bellator MMA World Lightweight Champion, Eddie Alvarez. has been released from his contract with their organization. His release is unconditional which means that he can go to any other promotion without Bellator MMA exercising their  Matching Rights under the terms of Alvarez’s contract with them.

Alvarez made it known that he wanted to leave Bellator MMA long before he lost his  Bellator MMA World Lightweight Champion title to Michael Chandler. However, the former Bellator MMA President wanted to keep Alvarez even if it meant taking  him to court. They worked out a deal for a two-fight contract where Alvarez won the Bellator MMA World Lightweight Champion title back from Chandler in a fight that most fans, fighters and I considered the fight of the year.

When he became the new President of Bellator MMA  Scott Coker saw that Eddie Alvarez really did not want to be with Bellator MMA  any longer  so he granted Alvarez’s wish and set him free. As a result of Coker’s action, Alvarez is now a free agent and can go wherever he wants.

Let’s remind ourselves that Eddie Alvarez is no joke  at 155 lbs. with a record of 25-3 and successfully avenging all 3 of his losses. This fighter has what it takes to make it anywhere with any fight promotion in the world. I think the UFC will be calling him soon but there are other promotions that  might be as desirable as the Ultimate Fighting Championship such as One Fighting Championship, World Series of Fighting, et cetera. But Alvarez has also  made it known several times that he wants to go to the UFC in order to take on the best in the world and become the UFC World Lightweight Champion.

I want to know what you fans think about all this and do you think Eddie Alvarez can make it in the UFC ? Sound off in the TFW forum!


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